Monday, November 15, 2010

"Thor" can pith off!

- that's the worst "reffed" NHL game I've ever seen...get in the way why don't ya!

- Referee Rule Number one, "ya can't cause a foul and call a foul on the same play"...the Minor Officials in House League are better.

- 4th line with two good players needs a third guy, who scores every 150 shots!

- Brian Elliott is SENsational!!!

- Alfie's at 85%, Fish is at 80%, 9MM is at makes it tough...

- Calgary has the Sutterites, we have P-man, Gordie Wilson and his Propagandite Lieutenant Mike Eastwood...they should be made to listen to what they are saying!


  1. Yup. That was a clinic in homer reffing. Very hard to watch. The non calls were as bad as the calls: holding the stick, interference, high sticking to name a few. A hard game to watch.

    And yeah, Alfie and Fish's lack of jump is getting noticeable. Give them a game or two off to heal. Bring Smith and Butler up.

  2. A hard game to watch mostly cause we had our asses handed to us by a superior team. We have a long way to go before being a contender.

    Fish looks like he's hurting big time. Why play if you're not helping the team?

    But complaining about reffing... c'mon. That's so 80's. Like complaining about the weather, why bother? It doesn't change anything, and no one can seriously think the sens lost last night because of the reffing. The flyers were better at everything in all three zones all night long.


  3. The Sens did get a few undisciplined penalties for sure pg, and Philly definitely capitalized on all Senator mistakes... but it is pretty hard to ignore the one-sided officiating during games like that.

    I guess they just have to assume that they will be called for everything, and that the other team will get away with many infractions most nights. So they have to play clean and not get mad when their opponents get away with multiple infractions...

    It is hard to appreciate how great a disadvantage that is though. Teams have to play very close to the line to get a competitive edge, and if they are forced to lose that edge, a tough team like Philly (or the Ducks in '07) walk all over them, eat them for breakfast, make them look like a bunch of 90 pound weaklings.

  4. pg:

    The game turns on the Linesman's block on "EriK", we just figured the Ref would know enough not to call that Phantom Hook!

    Philly are good but they have been getting the "Home Call" big time at crucial times...last night vs the Habs not so makes all the difference.

    Note: It's like that Leaf bullsh*t again last night!

  5. If only Ottawa could get those home call games once in a while in their own building. Then maybe we wouldn't be so bitter about these road games.

    Maybe it's time the Euge put in a request. If Philly and Toronto can get them... What gives?

  6. Oman:

    They used to have a token Montreal guy in the Trana Office...they don't even bother with that facade anymore...imagine if we had one of those tough, dirty teams, they'd have to go around the League enlarging the "Boxes" for us!