Thursday, November 11, 2010

Not a fair fight!

- When you are going up against "Roberto" with our "Pascal", it ain't a fair fight!

- Don't give me the propaganda...we quit on him and he deserved it! DONE!

- Those guys are good!

- Ottawa Ontario on cool November night and we are playin' with a tennis ball on a very poor sheet of ice...get on the Ice Maker!

- Petr, well done!

- "Rocco" is no defencive specialist!

- "Sarge" ya salvaged us some pride, we liked that late goal!


  1. NIk:

    "Active" sticks got us lots of turnovers in the first - unfortunately could not bury them past "Bobbylu".
    Triple C can't seem to keep his "successful" defence pairings together all the time - likes to mix things up - if it ain't broke ...
    Your right about "Rocco"- his two way game is best I've seen, but leave him off the PK- rest that back and groin for the "stretch".
    "Terrible Timmy" on Saturday - as the french would say "La Bete Noire"

  2. Anon:

    Usefull "Active" Goal Stick...not used for blocking that pass out from behind the goal line through his goal crease to help his D-man...he never uses his goal stick to poke check, especially when he bites and is beat...never uses his stick to clear that rebound that falls close to him in his crease...

    You cannot play as deep in the net as he does and not use your goal stick to make yourself bigger...