Monday, November 8, 2010

The calm before the storm!

- we are going to win 3 of the next 5, I can feel it...and that is acceptable at this point!

- Jason "Rocco" Spezza is not a penalty killer...let him take the draw if you must but then get him off!

- Dave Hale with his shirt off makes the "China Doll" look like one of those Czech ballet dancers! I'd make #17 play five in Elmira!

- Nick Foligno will give you a good effort where ever you play him, Flash and Nick deserve as much ice as you can find for 'em!

- 9 MM is just what the Doctor ordered for Alfie and Fish...a little picker upper!

- Kelly and Jaarkkko will benefit from #25 seeing some PP time, it will slow his metabolism a bit!

- if I had to play Pascal one game I'd give him Vancouver but let's hope we don't see him at all!

- Guy's if you skate well, it lessens the chance ya get out coached...just sayin'!

- If you skate well, ya rarely get a too many men penalty!

- With this team if we skate well, we win!

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