Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Tour de Force!"

That game was a Tour de Force by Alexei up front and Brian in the net.

Before we get out our little catty comments on the Habs second goal, listen to what your head coach had to say!

Big game ZacH, nice goal!

"EriK" your speed on defence is a pleasure to watch, just skate 'em into the ice and take "your" puck off ' to a big hit it's almost as demoralizing to the attacking forward!

Chris Phillips, Volchy's legacy, you are now, in between all the time...either too far out or too much toward the middle...retreat further to your net where you are safer. Just as you regained your puck skills ya gotta get the "Feel"...your "FEEL!"

Alfie, either you or "Rocco" gotta cary it in for the first Power Play Unit, you guys are not quick or rough enough for your poor dump ins...I don't know what's wrong with Fish, he looks like he's out there on one leg! Maybe he is!

"Rocco" out there killin' for Kelly...Coach, you are on very thin are one "Wrasslin' Match" away from "DOOM!"

It's nice to see the guys passing the load around from game to game...Alfie got us goin'...Fish in Tranna..."Sarge and EriK"..."Rocco's" 4 pointer and tonight Alexei with "Ells" just gettin' it done game after game!

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