Saturday, November 27, 2010

Be advised!

Tranna is the only team in the league that does not receive penalties for Hooking or Holding...every one else like Buffalo and us get a boat load of 'em! And yes "Too many men" also fall into this category!

Last night in Buffalo down three nothing @ the 15 minute mark of the third the Leafs receive the make up call to Orr for roughing as they were the beneficiaries of a 3 minor penalty advantage on the ROAD...they score short is ironic as Buffalo's clincher is a "Shortie" earlier on!

Boys, ya gotta keep it "double clean" tonight at all costs cause these "Stinkers are sinkers!" (Read ZEBRAs)

Starting Elliott is a great call...we have better luck in front of him and he makes the "Big save for the win"...

Foligno will not score tonight!

#13 will score the winner!

Alfie will skate miles and lead us to victory!


  1. Hmm, would be nice if Nick potted one soon. He must be frustrated.

    We do need Alfie skating, it seems to change the team when he does.

  2. PvR:

    I'm using reverse psychology on Nick...somethin's gotta give!