Friday, November 19, 2010

The E-mail!

E-mail...marked "URGENT" your eyes only!

Time: 1959 EST @ the Time Keeper's Box

From: C.Campbell/War Room

To: Referee Dennis LaRue

Re: Ottawa Senators

Mr. LaRue, Lash, I don't care if you have to call three in a row, we want a momentum swing that will give the Blues the lead and continue on through out the game...if three is not enough call four, all in about the span of 12 minutes that ought to do it...break their backs/their spirit. They are divers & quitters...

Note: We are doing your performance appraisal at the end of November and we want all thirty teams fighting for a play off spot till game 60 of 82!

PS: You know my feelings about OTTAWA and players who come from there, you'll notice that there are none of my Referees, the ones that I own, are from Ottawa!

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