Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It was usual Tranna, it was tough, it was dirty, it was unfair, ya have to beat the Leafs, the Zebra and the "War Room"...but we got the "W"!

- #35 Blue in the opening ceremony skates up to the Blue Line in the semi-darkness, he looked like two guys or the "Blob" from a horror film!

- the Leafs play better with out their Captain...Komo is done like dinner...Wilson just expects the call, he doesn't even have to look at the replay!

- Coach Clouston, we love ya, but why on a team full of good penalty killers are we using a Seven Million Dollar hockey player with a chronic bad back and sore groin as a penalty killer...and don't give me that draw BS, that's just poor coaching...

- Brian Elliott just improves every game...and that's pretty good!

- Nick Foligno gets to sit up front with Bryan on the Charter home and tell Mr. Murray how he was really the Second Star tonight...and he was!

- Alfie will play until he's well into his 40's or until he wants to pack it in! He's "extraordinary!"

- Kuba is up...he had an effect on Hale's game...

- We're no powerhouse yet but it's getting better each game...man if that "Power Play" starts shakin', look out!


  1. I think the power play HAS started shakin' Nik! I'm loving Gonchar's shot from the point now, and it looks like Karl may be getting out of his sophomore slump.

    Lots of great efforts tonight, especially Elliot, Alfie (truly amazing guy) and Foligno. Sure is sweet to beat the leafs on home ice despite the officiating.

    I just love the lost puppy dog looks of Waters and Cabbage Head at the end. Funny how they can't even bring themselves to give kudos to Ottawa without reminding us how rough Ottawa's start has been, how bad it would have been for Clouston if the Sens had lost, and how the Leafs beat them the last few times...

    Though the leafs got penalized a lot early, I thought they were all obvious calls that had to be made.

    The couple against the Sens at the end looked pretty F-ing questionable to me...

    Re. pucks in the net hidden under players: is there not some way like football for the refs to find its location under the pile? Especially when it is so deep in the net?

  2. Oh and the waxing poetic about the play of Colton Orr? Really Waters? Really?

  3. Oman:

    Colton Orr...trying to score...then loses his temper and wears the "Goat Horns!"

    When Orr got "his" brain damaged for once, he thought when he came back from "Lala Land" he'd go for a career change as a goal scorer!