Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ya don't think those guys shouldn't have beat the Pens!

Ya watched our very good hockey team tonight, with two of their first liners blowin' scoring chance after scoring chance, beat a faster club than Pittsburgh!

Hopefully the "Baloney" will stop for a spell while we go on a "run!"

Brian Elliott is our goalie, we just play better in front of him! And he pitches shutouts where one is enough!

Alexei and Fish are magical when they are on...Foligno should be on that line!

Put the grind line back together!

Carks played well...everyone needs a game off once in a while.

Give 'em all the day off, half of them don't practice anyhow!


  1. Canucnik,
    please re-write your header for this story! It has so many double negatives that it took me a minute to figure out what it meant. Then when I made the literal translation it meant "You think the Sens should have beaten the Pens" which I believe is the opposite of what you mean to write.

  2. Tim:

    Poetic license...the beauty of a double negative is it forces the receiver to think!

    We were on our way to beat Pittsburgh 3 to 1, I had already written it down, three blown calls on one exchange did us in...Kelly 1, Kelly 2 and the blind side look away on Fish.

    It was like 4 consecutive minors to Buffalo in the first period in Montreal last's psychologically unkillable!