Friday, November 5, 2010

Montreal - March 22nd, 1894!

- Ottawa/Montreal, the first ever Stanley Cup Game! Ya could look it up!

- the Habs crowd...tin horns, leather lungs and a general rabble predominated! They remind the author of "Euro Football Rowdies!"

- the "ice was fairly good!" (It's never been "good ice" for us in 115 years, Ottawa teams always had lots of speed.)

- the referee forgot to see too many things...except for an Ottawa disallowed goal...I kid you not!

- the match resulted in favour of a less talented Montreal team by 3 goals to 1!

- after a game in Quebec the next year that Ottawa won 3 to 2, the two officials were sized by angry fans and dragged back into the rink, with the aim of forcing them to declare the match a draw...Ottawa has never got a call since!!!!

- Last night, the Habs are changing on the power play, the Buffalo defenceman has the puck all alone in center ice, Gionta is 30' from the Montreal bench, #57, Pouliot, jumps on behind the Buffalo guy, surprises him and takes the call now that's what I call too many men! Note: the Zebra did not want to break their (Montreal's) perfect too many men penalties for two years! It's no wonder with calls like that! Remember ya can call it (TMMOTI) every shift change on the fly and we seem to get one every other night!

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