Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where was "EriK!"

On a very offensively challenged team "Erik" cannot be sat for two games in a row!

Phillips and now Kuba have absolutely no offensive up creativity...that off the boards and out to the Dallas guy every time does not get it done, also you would think after all these years they would know that there is no halfway pinch, either go "big" or "stay at home!"

#33, I just don't like the way he plays goal, two through his legs, two completely open nets, two on the ice sitting on your bum looking into your own net completely lost and down just a hair early on every shot. Ya gotta have that winning goal...Morrow's going nowhere except high glove, that's all he's got! He "quicked ya!"

"Rocco", how many times (four) did they take it off your "Tooth Pick" tonight?

Bryan ya gotta shake 'em up! Trade somebody!


  1. I hate Kuba with every fiber of my being. Get the Shawville kid on the phone and get him to deal this Czech marshmallow off to anyone who will give us a fresh bucket of pucks!!!

  2. Nik:

    I know we are only at the quarter post here, but it's become evident to me that we need to burn the "blueprint" and start afresh. This bunch of guys are simply not getting it done.
    The 2 M's at the top need to be honest with fans: we had our chance, we blew it (for whatever reason), and we need to scrape the bottom for a while in order to get another shot at this thing.
    Please, for heaven's sake, if we are out of a playoff spot at the deadline, don't try to avoid the unavoidable. Be a seller for once (any UFA on the team, and then some), get some draft picks, and be honest with the fans.
    I'm worried that with all this cap room coming up, we are going to overpay for a bunch of over the hill hasbeens, which will be just enough to make us nothing but an almost competitive team going forward.

  3. Yes, a terrible game. No jump, no spark, no chemistry, no fight! And they just handed the puck to Dallas whenever they could. With a bit more puck luck, Dallas should have won 5-0. Whether it was his fault or the D's, Pascal certainly left a lot of open net to shoot at!

    I'd be happy to see Kuba, Lee and a roster player go for picks, and let a few more kids come up and play out the season. They couldn't do much worse!

    With a modest rebuild like this, some cashing in on UFA's at the deadline, and 1 or two key FA signings in the summer, next year could be a fresh start with more young talent, more speed, more hunger, and a brighter future.

    The question is whether or not the Euge is willing to miss the playoffs a couple more times... I suspect even the four home games he got last spring was money in the bank.

  4. The Dutch Treat:

    Waiting for Kuba's return and then seeing it just turned the rest of the players off...he is not as advertised!

  5. Anon:

    If you hang around with a lot of old guys, ya act old, life or hockey...we are playing like an old team, just make the play offs may not work, we aren't going to get there!

  6. Oman:

    We are all about play off home games, a rebuild scares the "Poo" out of Eug and his Mgmt Team.

    It could be we have so many old players, not older but "OLD", that they think a rebuild is impossable outside 5 years.

    To think I thought this was a good team, a "contender"...I must be slippin'.

  7. Correction: 3 playoff home games last spring.

    Three directives to Brian Murray and Cory Clouston:

    1. Move some old bodies and let the kids play!
    2. Acquire picks (in any round you can), but trade no more away.
    3. Sign no more free agents over 30.

    Definitely keep most of the "core" veterans of course and let them train the youngsters. But we are too heavy in older vets now, and we're keeping a few good kids down, while getting rid of 2nd rounders at the deadline! Enough.

  8. Oman:

    Your directives are valid...all three!

    When ya get Bryan and me, ya think back and say, "When I was still in my thirties I was still pretty good"......well you weren't, ya just forgot how slow you were!