Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beware the Isles of November!

- we need another big game from our goalie and our POWER PLAY!

- I would give Philippé a quick ten games in Bingo but we know it's a money thing...did you catch him doing the circle drill...favouring his bad leg! (50 games)

- Alfie hit the trainer's table at 9am and we'll see ya at game time!

- "Sarge" keep talking to them guys, cause ya know ya got their attention now!

- Coach, Rocco ain't no penalty killer, teach him, don't smell him! We know he gets cold but it's not like we're playin' "out door" hockey!

- Tranna (we're watching!) plays the Russians in D.C. tonight, gets skated into the ice but...manages to get one more Power Play than the CAPs in regulation and were ahead 3-2 in the third until OV scored a PP goal of his own. They like to be just like us they got a point. Minor PPs 59...Minor PKs 50...they are still projected to be over an hour ahead of everyone else in the league for 82 games!

Note: #42 Tranna, with both skates in the crease, his arse in Brian Elliott's face the other they give the SOB (Kuleman) the goal...too much...give me a break!

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