Friday, November 19, 2010

Hockey Fans vs Colin Campbell!

Let's not let this Palooka off the hook...

- The arrogance to not apologize to Marc Savard, oh ya I forgot he is from's unforgivable, who does this old JERK think he is?

- Many, many, too many years of inconsistent application of the Hockey Laws...brutal...a Sutterite Hockey IQ of about 50...similar electronic brain patterns...

- the stupidity to fight, at his size, a runt of 5'9", with John Weinsink...and he didn't win, contrary to what the Tranna guys think...that's a myth! It was a jump from the side and "Wrassle"...hang on for dear life! Ask Don Chery?

- the miss use of Power of Position Pressure to force out Stephen Walkom, he broke the man down mentally with more E-mails, Walkom, who in a fair fight would break him in half!

- How did the silly old fart ever rig that Labour Court Hearing, he must have got some "inside" help there big time..."Colie" was/is and will always be in big trouble with Referee Dean Warren...I don't know why some of the other "Wronged" Refs didn't speak up...there were enough of them!

So nothing is so bad, ya can't even ignore the old washed up geizzer!

And another thing, those stupid, childish, inaccurate explanations for fines and suspensions did and still do drive me right around the bend!


  1. I agree on all points.

    Do you think the recent retirements of a few high profile veteran refs has anything to do with this situation?

  2. Oman:

    Why don't they come forward and hang this guy?

  3. I'm waiting for the tell all book. I think they're waiting to cash in.