Friday, October 22, 2010

Congratulations Alfie...1000 points...#75!

- Style, the "Hat Trick", Alfie ya did it in style!

- big game by a guy who looked like the old Chris Phillips.

- Brian Elliott played like a "Pyramid Powered" goalie in the 3rd! 20 shots!

- "Mario", that's the best DEFENCIVE game you have ever played!

- KOvy, ya was just warming for those Habs tomorrow!

- Big #9, big game!

- Shannon nice goal, nice goin'.

- I'd bring up two (2) give Winni a game off he's hurtin' and he can't see!


  1. Good call on Phillips Nik! Best game he's had in a while.

    Alfie is a legend in his own time.

  2. What happened to the "Pyramid" during the 2 soft goals on Elliot?? Nik, don't play with it anymore you hear!!

  3. Oman:

    A season turner, it took Alfie to get it done!

    The stars are once more aligned in our "Room"!

  4. Here's hoping for Lehner tonight. Elliott played very good in the 3rd -- but those 'soft' goals have to go.
    Great on Alfie...
    Hale played well also.

  5. Larr:

    Ya don't mess with your first string goalie winning the game in the third period for you.

    A big part of the early energy and thrust was my "Pyramid Power" nullifying the negative karma of our use of "Bad Numbers". Trust me, #13 is a bum!

  6. Sandy:

    Do you remember Grant Fuhr, 3rd period goalies are gold!