Saturday, October 2, 2010

Final pre-season "Call".

Person to person, on the secure line, for General Manager Bryan Murray.

Eugene says: "Hey Coach, (he still thinks of him as his coach)our club is looking pretty good, even Spezza is talkin' about having the puck all the time. What's Cory got to say for himself?"

Bryan responds: "Coach Clouston is pretty up beat, he says Nyk was right with Gonchar moving the puck it's reminded Jason of when "He's got the puck then you don't!"

Eugene interrupts: "Now that I beat that Ontario Securities Tribunal ruling...I feel like spending some money...but only on the rink. So for the time being we don't want to send any National League one way contracts to the minors...put Jared on the Night Hawk to Spokane, send Mr. Wiercioch to Northern New's status quo until our "China Doll" is ready to return."

Bryan chips in: "Ya mean both Lee and Hale at D-6 and D-7?"

The Instruction: "Bryan, when Philippé returns to action, it's here where I expect you to earn your keep...I think #26 and #5 will be in very deep water at that point in time!"


  1. Interesting Nik !! I am surprized they won't consider the 9 games for Cowen. Are they afraid of losing Hale if they wave him down ?

  2. Sam:

    It's not that Hale has played so's the fact that Jared has lost his confidence and Lee is a watcher, passive...a spectator!

    Carks says to Hale: "Man if you really wanted that shot at the show, ya got it now!"

  3. Jared needs to win a medal at the Juniors.

  4. Michael:

    Jared has healed now he has to work on his speed and reaction time...which he will...Cowen will be back next year with BELLS on!