Saturday, October 9, 2010

The "Challenge!"

- We, Ottawa Senators Supporters, challenge HNIC and the CBC specifically, to show a "side by each" comparison of the two starting goalies tonight. Pascal Leclaire is marginally the taller man by 1" but they are approximately the same weight 202+, note the difference in the size of the hockey pants, that being the girth and the crotch...

- To the League Goalie Measurer, notification number three, the Abdominal Apron and this includes extra padding and material in the crotch, is against the rules and spirit of the game!

- Pascal is an inch taller so his pads should be equal to or greater than the "Big Blue Beach Ball" in the other end of the rink!

- the strategy used to be to shoot high on J-S G. (Just a Supersized Guy) but over the years he added so much extra padding up top to his upper body that he has now taken that part the net away also. So Coach Clouston, I advocate to you and the boys, shoot low, make him move, get him out and down...go behind him!

- Conversely, if you get in all alone shoot first and ask questions later because the "Beluga" ain't movin'...

- I think tonight I am going to be treated to watching the "Largest" goalie to ever play pro goals...not the tallest or the biggest but the "Largest!"


  1. "Just a Supersized Guy", that is "goal-d" Nick!

  2. Larr:

    These stuffed "shirts" at the League Office are so insulated, isolated and out of it. It (humour) is the only way to reach these guys!

    And that's "goal-d" to me too!

  3. Giguere -- I call him the 'Michelin' man since his equipment is so oversized. How does he get away with that? Well he plays in Toronto now so the league will 'look the other way'. Let's hope the team plays better tonight in front of Leclaire - let's hope he starts where he left off. Karlsson to 2nd pairing. He can't play with Phillips -- too much pressure on him.

  4. Sandy:

    I agree, it's just too many minutes for "EriK" and Philly just needs a break to seatle down..."Sarge"/"KOvy" have momentarily shook the leadership (#11, #12, #4, #19)but it will shake out.

    I dropped the "Michelin' Man" because I'm workin' on the 5 B's..."Big Blue Beluga Beach Ball!"

  5. Doesn't much matter if you have no shots on net

  6. Grinder:

    They (Us) are so bad we might just get better...but we cannot start 0 for 8!