Saturday, October 23, 2010

Toughest shots to stop!

- For the record, a goal tender's toughest shot to stop is a late deflection. No chance!

- Second toughest shot is a screened "Pin Ball" shot...Buffalo's first goal!

- Third toughest was when the shot blocker #24 goes for the shot block gets caught half way, screens the goalie and does not block the shot...automatic goal.

- Forth toughest when the D-man half heartedly throws his stick in the way of a big "Boomer" from the top of the circle creating a diversion and causes the goalie to momentarily lose sight of the puck. You are doing nothing to make yourself look good, you are doing nothing to help your goalie...note #14 got chewed up pretty good when he got to the bench...let your goalie clearly see the puck if you are not going to stop it!

- If you guys did not realize you got a Grant Fuhr type performance from your goalie last night then WE CAN NOT HELP YOU! Twenty (20) pressure packed shots in the third when it mattered rebounds...ya could just see the Ottawa DEFENCEMEN gaining in confidence...come on people look at what you are were not getting that earlier in the season!


  1. I have to admit that 3rd period STONE WALL performance was impressive. Any word on who starts against the CH?

  2. Larr:

    Brian Elliott starts tonight according to the skate today...ZacH has been recalled and that puts us right up against the CAP...

    Everytime Jason is out there for twenty seconds trying to kill one he gets into a "Wrastlin' Match" and hurts his back...and Coach Clouston keeps doin' it!

  3. Have to agree on Campoli's deflection. The SNE commentators really called that wrong last night. However, it is still a breath of fresh air hearing guys who actually follow and care about the team do the broadcast. I'll take low key with a few brain farts over Pierre McGuire any day!

  4. Nik, those two goals were weak, no making of excuses can change that. It is what it is.
    But, Els 3rd period play was solid, making him the automatic for tonight.

  5. I also loved their running commentary on the bogus diving penalty!

    "Try not to fall down if you get cross checked from behind or you might get a diving penalty."


    If that was PM, it would have been all about how hated Ruutu is and how he deserves BS calls like that for being who he is...

    But then if it was cabbage head on SNO, it wouldn't have even been discussed. It would have been a debate about whether or not Phil Kessel was one of the top ten goal scorers in NHL history.

  6. Oman:

    I know Denis, he is going to say something contraversial...and "He won't back down!" and that's good for us listeners!

  7. GN:

    If I am your goalie, you and I are going to the Bar for a talk...

  8. GN:

    Just a thought...ya know you are contradicting your "Don"!