Sunday, February 14, 2010

3rd Place...Let's get some rest!

Kovy come to my house and rest...we don't want that old Russian Goalie finding you anytime soon.

Jason find one of those therapeutic hammocks and put your feet up!

Ells, contrary to what Pierre McGuire thinks, you are our goal keeper, enjoy your break you have earned it!

"Karl" get well soon #17 has had enough of this playing without you!

Fish...beware of the fast lane!

Alfie...drain the strain...enjoy! are the best player not @ the Olympics!

Alveterzane! Till March!


  1. There was a time, not that long ago, I would not have thought this likely.

    All those remaining road games could prove a tough haul, hope they come back well rested.

  2. 76 points. 19 more should get r done.
    4 of 5 at home and 5-8-1 on the road. 8-5-1 would be better.

    Let's see if Bryan can get a sensible D.

    Kovalev can win games on his own. Watch this guys importance in the playoffs. Could be the difference between losing in 5 and winning in 7.

  3. PvR:

    Those last twenty games, a whole new ball game. Let's hope we have one new face on defence!

  4. Master:

    Alex double shifted and he eats it up...just like Alfie...these old boys could be tough in a 7 game series!