Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Drastic Measures!"

Devastating injury calls for drastic measures:

1) Bench Johnny Cheechoo (speed)

2) Bring up Zach Smith (size)

3) Play Kovy with Regan and Shannon (finesse)

4) Fish gets Neil/Ruutu (and gets to earn his money)

5) Kelly gets said Mr. Smith (and his choice of Dono or Winchester)

Note: CiCi, ya gotta leave some bite on that 4th line!

Option 2. Stand pat and give away your 4th line advantage...and probably 1st place!

PS: To Mark @ Silver Seven...Kovy's goal was a "one timer" not a tip in...they are difficult not "easy"...Jason's goal was a layered deflection from 20ft out...again that's no tip in! At least you guys try for the way you can't respond on your site!


  1. No offense but you use more ellipsis than an epileptic person and you choose to write in half sentences, which I assume it is your style of writing. But whether you blog for your own personal pleasure or for readers, I strongly suggest you take some practice for your own sake and write in full sentences with proper grammatical structure.

    I feel dumber already just by actually reading a few of your posts...

  2. Dumber:

    You don't take practice!

    You never start a paragraph with "I".

    You never ever critique someone using a disease!

    Finally, you are supposed to be in the rink thinking/talkin' hockey!

  3. Michalek-Spezza-Alfredsson

  4. 5:12

    #41 plays out the string this year but he's becoming a load vs fast skating teams, #22 & #73 can Carry him, they are playing that well, I just think Dono is better in so many is mental, this guy is tough on your brain!

  5. Canucnik swallows the cock.

    P.S. - Trading Cheech for a bag of pucks would be a really nice deal but, unfortunately the other GMs arern't that dumb.