Friday, January 29, 2010

Halak's "Comeuppance!"

We have been making this guy look like a "World Beater" all year, the Habs just left Montreal two Defencemen short Mara is out and Jaroslav Spacek missed practice today and is doubtful...some guy is in a limo from Hamilton but we don't know who!

The Canadiens don't like this game...never did! Jacques is getting his excuses in order...I say we see Price to start the second and this will be the quietest Habs bunch in our building since they started to charter 40 buses a game for this one!

Hockey night will talk about our two 37 year old Als...Alfie and Alexei...Chery was never good enough to even put on his gear with these guys but "Doe Head" and Hrudey have received their instructions to criticise!

We can play 3 lines and win against these guys but I wish CiCi would install the full 4 lines, bringing in either Dono or Winchester and let's see what we really have...let Kelly's line massacre their 4th line!


  1. Make it 9! Flush the toilet seat. No mercy!

  2. MOP:

    This is the game where I had to put that Habs fan in his seat...No mercy!