Monday, January 4, 2010

"Big Time Players!

For all you small town "Big Time Experts" on Wilson Street...enjoy the ride!

Was lucky enough to have been thrown on the same line with elite hockey players a couple of times over many years playing...been paired (teamed) with the best player in the field (not Tiger)playing to catch footballs from a quarterback who's arm was good enough to pitch for the Cincinnati Reds..."Trust me, Kovy makes everyone better!" He makes you feel like you are the better the "Pup" light up when he's on the ice with Alex...#65 thinks he's "Rush Man" the play maker.

Alfie brings effort and skill...but he's out...Jason is good but is not a leader...Kovy's pure natural skill is on display every night scoring or not...that's leadership...we now know we are going to win the "Shoot Out!" Let's call it the "Fisher Effect!"

So enjoy Alex but let's start to acknowledge him!

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