Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who is John Davidson trying to kid?

The St. Louis Blues look like some sort of Hy-bred version of the 2007 Mighty Ducks!

Give me a break...Cam Janssen running the goalie.

Tkachuk @ 37 years of age and some guy who goes by the nickname "BJ".

Kariya on one leg and Alex Steen.

Ty Conklin for gosh sakes...

And they beat the Habs right in the Bell Centre.

But we shall see Mason, their #1 Goal Keeper. The Blues DEFENCE is big, good, young and tough. So lets be ready they still got Macdonald and Boyes and a "TJ" (sex and drugs)...let us provide the "Rock 'n Roll!"


  1. It's gonna be tight.

    2 teams on a roll with youth, speed and quality veterans. Both have suffered goaltending issues as well.

    A Plus for the Sens - JDs squad played last night and won (on Macdonalds version of Zach Smiths goal on Jesus) after a letdown.

    Any bets on the Carkner/Janssen tilt?

    I think the Sens can get this one - they are at home, Blues second game of back to back.

    Edge to the Sens: 3-2 OT/SO

  2. To the Master:

    I'd like to see Carkner really give to Janssen (with his Roman "Pike" defence); Neil even!

    Would it ever be nice to see Cheech get/do something meaning full...he's staying on the 4th line, but what a forth line...good call by the coaching staff...Milan/Zach/Cheech!