Saturday, January 16, 2010

"The Captain!"


Kovy's 2nd line keeps 'em honest! move is your best move...great game! (Great stats!)

Big League shot for your first goal Zach!

I know we all love Philippé but if you win 2 in a row with our DEFENCE ya don't change 'em!

Zebra management...and we are going see the same thing in Boston...boy we're dirty on the road...give me a break!

"It's the Goalie!" Wilson puts Picard in the same boat as #14 & #65 tonight. Alex is +1 for 20 minutes ice time in the Bell Center, breaking the puck out for Carks and himself time after time. Wilson Street cannot see his value to Carkner and by the way Picard is statistically your third best D-man after #24 & #4. Note: 31 shifts tonight more than anyone on the team...Alex and Volchy!


  1. Who the he!! loves Philippe!?!? I thought we were all under agreement that he was a defensive marshmallow that played well to get himself a cushy contract?

  2. Dutch:

    You are such a diplomat! And you are also correct!