Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Eastern Conference Powerhouse"??

An Eastern Conference Powerhouse dominates with it's 4th line and 5-6 pair on DEFENCE.

Note: Your DEFENCE dictates the "brilliance" of your Goal Keeper!

Against Jersey this (the Powerhouse look) occurred. With the exception that we played one forward short!

In responce to this shortage we shall revert back to playing with three lines tonight...this is a mistake...when you take Kovy from Regan/Shannon and saddle them with #41, they become an impotent 4th line pair!

The Ottawa Senators have a question mark beside DEFENCE @ our 3-4 pair. The Super shut down duo is back...the 5-6 pair with either Campy or Picard and Carkner is very good in that job...the emergence of the "Messiah" Erik Special "K" Karlsson has allowed us hope for the Post Season...if Kuba's hand heels properly allowing him to shoot, pass, stand up and push some guys around, we got us a barly acceptable 3-4!

So I think it was a mistake to change the lines and move Kelly up...ya don't play 3 lines against a 4 line team!! CiCi it's coaching 101 man!

Note II: CiCi ya gotta leave it set up so you can double shift both Alfie and Kovy, every third cycle through!

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