Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We are what we are!

We are what we are...with the exception of the Washington Capitals we should kick the tar out of everyone else in the Eastern Conference and that includes you, you Pittsburgh Penguins!!

Martin Brodeur, stole a goal from Milan then looked only ordinary for three goals...still handles the puck beautifully!

Lou Lamoriello, don't call it a concussion, call it a mild head injury and the New Jersey Devils are cooked with out Patrick Elias...they looked terrible!

I think we are the worst change on the fly team in the league and boy do they like to call us!

Only one "Straight One!" tonight committed by Carks no damage done!

Dean McAmmond looked old and slow but hey Dean ya can't play forever!

Fish had 4 good scoring chances tonight...1 blocked, 2 wide and 1 broken stick sand wedge...between him and Cheech they should have had about 6 goals...what a game Nick Foligno had!!

Alfie and Alexei...our leaders...Superb!

Brian Elliott just another night in the trench, shut out...excellent...just win baby!

Note: Our Brodeur doesn't move in the warm up!

Chris Kelly might be one of them "Masochists" cause he sure does like to take a hit while carrying the puck!

Enough! Let's go to Pittsburgh!

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