Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Bruins @ the "Gardens!"

Bergeron will play!

With a two goal lead in the third, LA gets two 5 on 3's, to tie the game, Boston wants it's pound of flesh back...this does not look good for us!

Tim Thomas is standing tall again! (the Boston Blog) We are so due for this guy to fan on one it hurts!

Blake Wheeler, who ended his scoring drought against us is now leading the team on offence!

Chara has been looking for a fight since our game with them, Carks should jump him early, there is no fighting fair with Z, take him out of the game for whole first period. They are not so good with out him!

Note: This little bit of strategy leaves Lucic to Chris Neil???

Bruins now feel they are better than us and may just be ripe for the picking!

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