Monday, January 4, 2010

"Zebra Mgmt!" Take Three.

It's Tuukka tonight in New York so we get Timmy in Ottawa.

Rangers get 4 straight power plays in the first period 'till they get a one (PP) goal lead.

The Big Bad Bruins, who seem to play perfectly clean against us are getting all that hooking and slashing out of their system tonight. Note: the Rangers only commit bench or flip the puck over the glass fouls at home! Note II a Ranger penalty killer just stole Chara's stick right out of his call according to the Boston announcer.

Bergeron hurt and back in...he 's all they got right now! He's out again for the night took a slapper on the wrist from Wideman!

Chara ordered up Satan (#81) from his Olympic Team...he's to play against us in Ottawa. No Lucic till later in the week I hope!

Redden just got smoked behind the Ranger net...Brashear had to go after the guy to defend #6.

Why is "Torts" in such a "knot" all the time? He's going to move ahead of the Habs into 7th place tonight...that's better than I picked 'em!

Thomas knew before the game "outside" that he was the "Yankee" goal tender. Let's hope it goes to his head...he's allowed but he is really starting to talk pretty "Big".

Getting back to the "Zebras" they have to protect Shannon and Kovy in particular because the Bruins will be snarly and Coach Julien, with Chara, can get stupid at times especially if he thinks he's going to get the calls his way against Ottawa.

CiCi, remember that "line change" delay...fake "time out" bullsh&t that Julien goes on with...get on the Zebras first shift!

Zebra one calls the Bruins with 6 to go to seal the deal but are foiled by a surprising Wheeler just tied it...the best laid plans of mice and men...

Higgins wins it!

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