Thursday, January 14, 2010


Guess Eli's release made the difference...seriously that broke Lunqvist tonight, he will fade...

Brodeur...let's hope he can withstand the pressure for 1 more game because we are going to see Halak, who we make look like "the best of the business!"

Kovy...clutch!...and 9 shots on goal.

Campy in Kuba's role..."Superb!"

#4- 25 minutes...#24- 23 minutes...some with "Erik"...excellent!

I was wrong Carks has to fight often to be effective!

The "Pup" has "Pluck!" great come back game...he has done this before...

The call ups didn't look out of place...nice game!

Cheech is actually starting to hurt us...break out...back check...I think they are afraid to sit him, even for a game, as he may never make it back!


  1. What to do with Cheech? I don't know. Waiving him is the probably the right thing to do, from a pure business point of view. I would suspect he would clear both ways, and when faced with playing in the A long term, would voluntarily go to Europe. As it stands, from a performance point of view, the Sens would be further ahead using his ice time developing a prospect.
    This isn't to say he "deserves" this from a personal perspective, but if he is still willing to accept the pay check, but not perform up to it, well, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Considering his current ability, why is it "fair" for him to get 3M a year, but it would be "unfair" to not play him in the NHL? You don't see Cheech retiring, so why should the Sens bare the burden and suffer on the ice? If he's no longer worth 3M, but expects to be paid it, then he needs to accept the reality of that decision, that's business, both on his side by receiving the cheque, and on the Sens side by paying it.
    You can't make one side of the contract responsible for acting in regards for "personal" outcomes, and no the other. If you take the money, you take responsibility for earning it. If you can't earn it, but still take it, then you accept the demotion.
    It's not like Cheech is going to the poor house if he walks away from his contract to play in Europe. He's a very rich man, not a minimum wage worker losing his call centre job to an off shore company.

  2. GN:

    Ya said it all man, there is no easy way out...but the coach has to recognize that he is now a liability...three!