Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another pressure performance Brian!

Let's not go over board (Wilson Street) and stop repeating yourselves, Brian Elliott was very steady, got some help from his DEFENCE and got a little lucky!

Chris Neil was the first star tonight, when Chicago was dominating early Neil and his line single handed turned the tide! Well done!

Erik "Special K" Karlsson is comin'

The kids are starting to show up and it's nice to watch.

Foligno and Fish finally got one but just missed on a couple of others...we gotta leave Alfie with these guys!

Good sign the Hawks had trouble because for the most part we were able to skate with them...

Coaching issues...Volchy is a great D-man but should not be allowed to pinch...who is urging Campy to joint a PP rush when there is already one defenceman up and in the rush?

We know he's under a lot of pressure but Philippé has to get his head clear out there...his only shot on goal was on his own goal...he is going to the wrong/covered man on the PP every time...goes up the boards all the time instead of going cross ice on the break out once in a while. I think the "Pup" carried him tonight!

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