Thursday, January 21, 2010

Power Play! Power Play! Power Play!

Chris Phillips, a winner, great shot by a winner!

Alfie's umbrella with Kovy the wheel man. I don't know about Kuba down low but it's working...

Regin, our star center, 3 points...high end talent!

Brian Elliott, timing is everything, keep 'er goin' kid!

Volchy, we need you for Boston so shake it off!

Zach it's just too bad! But you really gave it a good shot!

Coaching issues: 1) Campy quit giving it to Carks behind the net when the play is up and out...Carks is going to kill one of our forwards with that straight one!

2) Philippé, with your size all ya gotta do is stand stand up!

3) Mr. Kuba a sign that an older DEFENCEMN is slipping is when he starts those hard ring arounds that end up @ the other teams point man thus creating the dangerous scoring chance you are trying to stop it!

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