Monday, January 25, 2010

Marty Brodeur the Key!

Marty Brodeur, our great Canadian and Olympic Goal Keeper, is wearing down...getting tired and is having issues with his foot work, basically stumbling around in there so Alfie you know the drill "Keep'em down!" shoot low, on the ice even...we have all seen him when he starts to look at his feet!! Jason, you give him that "on the goal line, top corner job!"

Zubrus is back, all 6'5"/225lbs, playing with the "Jerk" Peters so expect some fire works!

#9; #19; #11

#26; #43; #27

#71; #12; #41

#73; #22; #25

On the surface this seems unfair to Fish/Nick but the fourth line needs Chris Neil, once #41 gets a shift to keep his feet warm Alfie and Alex should be double shifted with Fish every third cycle...Foligno will think he's died and gone to heaven!

Remember on paper these guys are so bad they are good...very good!

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  1. Okay... let me start by saying that I am shocked that this team is playing so VERY well! Go figure...

    Even the AHL "D" is finding a way to play within a system that allows them to do the job required to compete every night.

    Indeed, the Sens are finding a way to win more often than not.

    While they may not be a Cup contender, they aren't a one line disaster anymore either.

    Cheechoo may not belong in the NHL anymore, but Kovalev has been dominant (since the Russian team snubbed him), Alfie has been playing young, the young guys (like Foligno) play within a great system... it is all good.

    Tonight, I loved how the Sens broke through the Devil's trap by using a wide break-out... wide with a long wing to wing pass at out own blue line, where the winger then carries the puck up the ice for a shoot-in or another pass. By the second period, Coco adjusted his Devils and they started playing their wingers wide to trap the Sens. After a bit of pressure, Clouston adjusted his breakout too. The Sens went to a long two line pass, by-passing the Devil wingers with a chip-in.

    So now it is more about the system as about individuals... hence the success.

    I think Clouston could win a cup if you give him the horses... like a quarterback on the PP!