Friday, January 8, 2010


A very good old Ottawa Goalie once told me: "A goalie is only as good as his defence!"

Been surrounded by goalies all my life, Pro Goalies, Team Canada Goalies, pro practice goalies...and they were all, a fighter jock,who flew Super Sabers in the 50s, probably the smartest man I've ever spoken with said: "It's the worst/loneliest job in the world, even other goalies can't help are totally on your own!"

The "Experts", who site Hasek or Miller or Thomas...these guys when they are really cookin' are part of 6 man units...believe it or not the Russians have been striving for this since the 1950's.

We have become a "Grave Yard" for goalies because we have made ourselves thus!

Wilson Street/the Cross Bar, with the exception of Eastie, have been over critical when they should not have been and now stand as part of the problem...I don't blame Pascal for swearing at you guys...there should have been more push back earlier to you media types trying to put words in CiCi's mouth or twist his observations to suit your story.

So we have two very good goalies who have both lost there confidence...thanks in part to you guys...I hope you feel good about yourselves because anyone who's played a little knows you guys over did it!


  1. Well said. I agree. Patrick Roy himself couldn't save us with this D.

    If Murray can't land us another top 4 defender, then we are waiting a year or two for our blue chippers to develop.

    My fear is that they will have a hard time developing our blue chip defenders without another stud to help lead the way. The other danger is that we keep burning through goalies and become the leafs.


  2. GN/Oman:

    The goalie is our only chance! And our media is trying to murder the guy!