Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today's NHL!

If you are a smaller guy and try to bully or foul your opponent that is an infraction and a penalty is called.

If you are a bigger guy and try to bully or foul your opponent there is no infraction because that's the way the NHL likes it and if you make extrieme money that makes you practically untouchable in many othe ways also.

So we take our courageous under weighted and under maned SENS Road team into Washington tonight to play Great "8", the newly minted Captain, with Semin and Green et al! Forgot Nik Backstom, he may be the best of the bunch!

#24 will bully Ovechkin...this is good!

Green comes late untouched...this is bad!

Saint-Pascal has to be the best goalie on this brutal ice!

Kovy has to show them who really is the best Russian in North America regardless of age!

Picard tells Carks...use me all the time on the break out!

Philippé tells the "Pup"...come all the way back to the front of the net and help me out...pick someone up!

This one is what they call a "Character Builder!" "Just win, Baby!"

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