Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The "Black Hawks!"

We may see the back up...Cristobal Huét!

Patrick Sharp got the big one in Detroit, he beat us by himself the last time here...even with all their firepower ya gotta keep a eye on him!

The Chicago guys don't like Cam Barker (too slow for the money)but they like our Volchy, who wouldn't...and...and...they really like Alexandre Picard (speed!)maybe it's our boys who got it wrong...there is a reason that half of them are new...some of them old boys couldn't tell the difference between a northern plow horse and "Northern Dancer!"

The decision has been made by Bryan Murray, with everyone on his staff, that we go with Campy over Alex in the 5-6 pair..."there shall be no additions on DEFENCE"...this difference in speed and chemistry will show up in the play offs!...Big Time!

Brodeur will stare down a few today with his no move style, this shall be his Baptism of Fire!

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