Monday, January 18, 2010

Pre Game thoughts!

If we somehow could move Cheech to the press box...ya give Foligno to Jason and Milan; ya get Alfie and Fish to cary Zach for a game or so @ top 6 minutes; that leaves Kovy's line in tack and Kelly and Ruutu get about 4 powerhouse lines.

Prefacing questions...why do Wilson Street (Sesame Street), that's Lloydy, Gordie and Brucie, have to answer there own questions with their thoughts and stats before they let CiCi or Eastwood or Bob McKenzie answer? It's an attempt to corner and foist your incorrect opinion on an expert! So stop's insulting to your audience and your guest!

"Head Shots!"...Patrice Cormier can't wait till he joins the Devils/NHL so he can half kill some kid and it's all legal!

PS: Just what we need Philippé trying to play against the Boston Bruins with one hand...give me a break!!!

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