Saturday, January 16, 2010

Like to see Price...their back up!

Jacques Martin is he dull or just plain stupid..."Price!"

C'mon Alf...let's show them Bell Center fans what they love to see...that's you scoring!

Don't mind Picard sitting...the coaches love it but I do not like to see Kuba and Carkner paired...bad karma...bad chemistry...bad positioning, neither one of these guys are ever sure where they should be!

For you guys who don't understand my use of the term "pecking order" about "degree of status" or "status rank" all I know is that first line looks a hell of lot better with Alfie on it and Neil on the third line (watch 'em go tonight...Kelly has his full line again).

Brodeur should be playing up his French Canadian heritage, it just psychs out the Habs!

Foligno will score tonight...he just gets so much more room with Alfie out there!

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