Friday, January 22, 2010

The "Real" strategy meeting!

Eugene: "Bryan, you boys are so hot ya better watch that your ass doesn't catch on fire!"

Bryan: "Mr. Melnyk, I think we got us a chance here, right now, this year!"

Eugene: "Bryan, have you seen the parking lot, you can shoot a cannon around out there, we are bleedin' red, man!"

Bryan: "How about I spend a million and make you about I spend two million and make you eight!"

Eugene: "Murray, you are a good man, but it's not there for us this year...talent or revenue keep your eye on the ball...we go deep this year, make some money, sell some season tickets and really roll the dice next year!

Bryan: "Yes Sir! You are the boss!"


  1. The climate does feel kind of right, doesn't it? Galls called it last night, there is a good mix of veteran savvy/experience and youthful exuberance right now. 92% of the guys are pulling their slack in the right direction and if the goaltending can hold it's own, the lads could make some hay (and eat it).

    Clouston's system is designed to badger the hell out of the opponent, frustrate them, make them feel like they are not executing. In a seven game series, with some strong early results, the opponent might not see game #6! Who knows.

  2. Derrick:

    We are so close it's going to be a heart breaker this year...Read American League DEFENCE led by Kuba; Carks; Campy and the Pup are not ready for "Prime Time" opposition!