Thursday, January 7, 2010

We may be "Tapped Out!"

The only high light of the game...Erik "The Pup" Karlsson looks like a National League defenceman, he had more poise than #17.

Kovy was nervous?

Fisher is in his mid-season coma!

Shannon's size is a factor against the big guys!

Leclaire has lost his confidence...this could be very bad for us...the guy who says he forgets better start forgetting his last two starts!

Cheech had one...coulda/shoulda had 3.

Regin and everyone else has to take it to the net...the Caps, the Hawks, Boston don't mess with it...someone is always going to the net!

This road trip may be the end of our team as we know it!


  1. Easy Nik, not all opposition will be the Caps at home.
    Take it stride, shake it off, and use it to move forward, not to look back.
    Reload boys, there's more comin'!
    BUT, if this happens vs. teams we should be beating...well, then I'll join you under tha table, lol!

  2. If Nashville, Atlanta and Phoenix can play above or just below .500 on the road, so too can the Sens.

    And yes, Karlsson gave us a glimpse of what he can be.

    Kovie got rocked by Ovie. All we needed was him to be out or concussed. Maybe that'll learn him to move his feet more.

    Not holding my breath though.

    This team can play well - need to get back to how they played in Philly a few weeks a ago.

    for some reason your site doesn't like comments from me - what's wrong? you don't like me no more?

  3. MOP, really...honestly no idea, let me poke around, but I don't remember doing anything, certainly not on purpose.
    Is it from one IP adress, or multiple?

  4. MOP, found them marked as spam...not sure why, please try again, and I'll see what happens.
    Thanks for letting me know!