Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Broad Street!"

The Flyers should have beaten Boston and are playing pretty well again.

Briere missed a couple and will be looking to make up for it against us.

Philly will attempt to "Bully" the Pup, Erik, if we are going to dress him, play him with Carkner and let them play about 8 minutes each. Campy and Kuba might as well play 26 minutes just like #4 & #24.

If we are going to beat 'em it's in goal that is the difference!

CiCi quit trying to be a politician all the time...#26; #43, #27 was by far your best line at the end of the game the other night...Fish is a big boy he will do fine with #9; & #71. Cheech; Dono & Winchester are a good 4th line. And of course you have your first line of Kelly, Ruutu and Neil.

Generally we are not a great afternoon team so CiCi get out the "Fire and Brimstone" and have 'em ready to go for once!

Remember this is our home, no one takes any "Guff" cause you know they think they are tough on the "Road".

We are better than these guys!


  1. Thats a fucking great idea, nik! Switching those two centres makes two lines with cohesion. 9-12-71 all play a complimentary style and the only centre to look better with Kovalev than Regin was Spezza. 26 has the speed and sense to keep up with those two...

  2. No Picard, 2 Wins. Coincidence? heehee

    Great to see the grinders reap the rewards of hard work with big numbers!