Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cheech's last stand!

Great call by the Coaching staff to place Milan with Zach and Cheech leaving the other three lines in tack for now! Cheech is traveling, playing with some big time offencive skill and speed tonight and should/must do something significant...

John Cheechoo is not going anywhere...listening to Bryan, Eugene and/or Tim Murray we now know that the $3 mill will be used as cover for our crowding the CAP and not spending even one more red cent on players...

So when Jason comes back it's #9; #19 and #41 and call them the 1st line...just start Fish and Alfie call 'em the checking line and roll through 4 lines to get to the 1st line. Jason gets the PP; Milan gets the PK and stop talking about Cheech on the Power Play he is no longer a power player.

Brian Elliott gets the start...deservedly so...order of "Peck!"

So Wilson Street keep you comments not too high and not too low...Brian is our back up goal keeper who has actually been our number one most of this pressure packed season. Yorkie, I know it's hard when you finally stop sitting on the fence not to grab an opinion and over do it a little, but as you know you will have to take a number and get in line as Lloydy, the Voice, Gordie and Brucie, all the guys @ Sesame Street have over done it both in praise and criticism of our goal keepers to the detriment of the team!

Note: this big, tough, skilled, young Blue's defence will be a good test for our 4 line offence!


  1. WRONG! ALL of it, just WRONG!
    When you blow it Nik, you blow it NUCLEAR!

  2. GN:

    The truth hurts...we're broke!