Thursday, January 28, 2010

That ties it! Eight Straight!

Brian Elliott...excellent! Just win baby! #4 & #24 get dinner Saturday night after the Montreal game!

Notice how when you are really cookin' your center ice men do all the scoring (#12; #22; #19)it shouldn't work like this but it does, it reflects that everyone is passing the puck and everyone is shooting! Not just one big winger getting...taking all the shots! Bravo! deserved that empty netter!

To the "Messiah!" Erik Special "K" Karlsson...enjoy the "Zone!"

Bob Mackenzie had to remind us of his Tranna loser's mentality always worried about who is below you when you have been kicking the tar out of them all's the big guys starting to fall that I like to see. Hey Bob, Philly aren't that good!

Alfie and Alexei...a strong leadership type road game...stop dancing on the power play, it's a "two step"...two passes and shoot!


  1. Nik, you doubted the line changes...have faith in the Clouston...he does not do wrong.

    As for Mackenzie, he's just sheepish because no one is buying his book and he picked the Sens to finish 12th.

  2. Dutch:

    Regin & Shannon are not 9 minute checkers...ya win with 3 lines tonight!

    Bob, Pierre, TSN don't really watch the games, try to cover it all with "Generalities!"

  3. It was a decent game. The team didn't skate as well as they did against Jersey, but got the W anyway. BE held the fort. Somewhere Eli is crying in his beer.

    No faulting them while collecting Ws, despite what Chirpy's trolls may say.

    This is the team we wanted and thought we were gonna have at the beginning of the year.

  4. MOP:

    They still got some holes but very few and they are getting smaller!