Saturday, January 23, 2010

Great show...six in row!

Alfie...clutch! Superb!

Brian Elliott...better...steady...just win baby!

Philly with the "Pup"...let's let Volchy take care of #17!

Shannon with his speed and covering Lucic, our best defencive forward today!

Carks look so different...confident, playing with Pic...#39 knows where to go and that he has to take care of him...

Picard in the Neutral Zone is still our best D-man with the puck!

Jason...nice shot...the winner!

Coaching issues: #17, you have been beat wide a couple of times now you refuse to stand up...with your size and reach, stay stand up!

The "Straight One"...a break out pass from around our own goal line straight up the ice that allows everyone on the other team to have a shot at the puck or our forward (receiver) resulting in a goal against or a "Dead" forward. Featured by both Carks and Philippé this afternoon so "Stop it!"

Brophy and the Tranna guys would give their left nut for Kovy so STFU!

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