Monday, January 25, 2010

Anton is cool!

Anton is cool, his agent is not...Bryan is cool, the Sens fans are not!

The "Slippery" Agent (Jay Grossman) always wants to get it to free agency or July 1st!

Anton wants to stay but has already taken one hometown discount for the last 3 years! Good reporting by the Cross Bar we want to see more of that in the future!

Bryan Murray knows from experience that it does nobody any good to bid against yourself.

As we said as much as a year ago, it's 4 mill for 4 years or 3.7 mill for 5 years.

Forget Kuba this brings him in line with Chris Phillips, who will be facing similar numbers next year.

The heart and the engine in this machine are superb but there are a lot miles on the body...Someone may offer him more but they will be over paying...Note: And they better have a Phillips for him to play with!!

I think he stays if he is as smart as I know he is!

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