Saturday, January 2, 2010

The "Dreaded" half way mark!

Kovy is so "Big Time" and so important to this team a lot of you "small time experts" cannot see it...

Taking Picard from Carkner for any length of time shall be a catistrophic error! Plus we lose Carks as a functioning D-man!

For the Sun Commentor Expert...there is only two ways Regin/Shannon get top 6/PP minutes, either someone big gets hurt or you earn it...prior to our two big guys going down, everyone including you were ready to throw these guys out of the "Boat" but that's all water under the bridge now.

Saint-Pascal, you tease, guys who have seen him play a lot, say he has a much tighter game if he needs's time man give us all ya got!

#17 should come off the #1 PP, he's not contributing enough, he's lost his offencive confidence.

Winchester is a functional 4th line center, nothing more don't stress the kid...Cheech is a functional 4th line winger, nothing more give the man a break...he's done!

Kelly was the best forward on the team for the first half the season...remember he's not out there with Kovy, he out there trying to cover a big line carying Ruutu and Cheech.

#4 and #24 what can you say "A+".

Brian Elliott our second starting goalie...not bad!

I said seventh or better, now we just have to bury the Habs as the Leafs are done!

Imagine a forth line...#11; #19; #18!

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