Thursday, December 31, 2009

To Rob in Kanata!

Earlier in the season, I thought that we had established that you had one of the weakest hockey minds in Ottawa. But your drivel and inaccurate comments are back!!!

It's Mr. or Bryan Murray to &*^$#@(!

You have no money, CAP or players to trade enough already with your fantasy trades!

Do you realy know the difference between an AHL Roster and the Sens...we are holding our own with out our "Captain and our #1 center you dolt!

Your 5th Defenceman, Alexandre Picard, is holding his own after 40 games, far exceeding go to move him now and ya got the whole league waitin' to kick your arse in a trade!

So to you and that other Anonymous know it all, just STFU unless you have something constructive to add!


  1. I'm in agreement with you on this one, nik. Picard will be just fine. I see Campoli and Kuba as more of a problem than Alexandre is. Campoli looks lost out there, and Kuba is afraid to hit people, even though he's enormous.

    I'd like to see both of them moved @ the deadline for some picks or a top 6 guy. Then, we bring Lee back up, and dress Karlsson. Our D will be more than adequate next year with this lineup:

    Phillips - Karlsson
    Picard - Volch
    Lee - Cowen

    What we need is more firepower up front. I doubt my old paperboy, Donovan will be back in 2010-2011, so we'll need another spark-lug type of guy up there, to go along with a sniper for the top line.

    But that's just my own personal opinion.

    BTW - I'm a Rob, but not THAT Rob!

    Happy New Year Canucnik, and GO SENS GO!!!

    Rob R.

  2. Nik, I'm liking Camps lately. He's skating well, making good decisions with the puck, playing the body and providing some good pinches to keep the pressure on.
    Pics, on the other hand, has looked best. I'm not saying trade this guy, trade that guy, just, when Kuba is struggling (Jesus man, enough with the poke checks!) it becomes all the more obvious this team is in need of a legit #1, and I'd gladly move both Camps and Pics to get one!

  3. GN:

    Carks without #45 down the stretch will become a problem...the speed is starting to show. Even Campy has trouble getting into position for him fast enough.

    Bryan's show of confidence in Kuba (the Big Contract!)has handcuffed CiCi...

    And we both know no help is on the way!

    Happy New Year Canucnik!