Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Zebra Mgmt!" Take Two!

Big victory...we deserved to win...Ottawa needed that!

How do you think the Habs fans feel today?? I counted our usual 6 grievous infractions for the game.

The Refs, playing good cop bad cop...one guy (Frazer) is "Stink a poo jodhpurs" and yes, he tried to sh&t the bed! Frazer with his TV make up and "Big Hair" hockey helmet looks not a day under 65, looked pretty forlorn under the "Hot Lights" and the direct scorn of our #25!

It used to be the Officials would have to manage or be allowed to manage the odd game...for example when Vancouver had a bad team and the Visitors were sent streaming to the box in typical "Homer Coast League fashion". Note: This has been going on for a hundred years, my dad who played out there years ago, in the old Western Pro League, told me it was on account of the "Silver Seven" shellacking the Millionaires and he was serious.

But to the case at hand, this major involvement of the Refs in the out come of every game has gone too far. They are wrecking it for everybody. It only takes one bad penalty call, one bad goal call, you don't have to freeze the Montreal power play totally, they would have been stone cold anyway...how was Ottawa's PP supposed to perform being shut out completely game after game...and these late in the game meaningless penalties to balance the stat sheet drive me crazy...do they think we are that stupid...I guess they do.

So to Mr. Frazer and your colleagues, you guys are officially warned...the honeymoon is over...we shall be relentless...because as we have seen in Montreal they don't even complain and you continue to sh&t on them anyway!

Post Script: a good Boston/Tampa game ruined by McCauley/Van Massenhoven see Jesse Connolly...maybe it's our Division excludung the Leafs?

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