Thursday, December 24, 2009


Observations because nobody watches for themselves anymore they just take someone else's word for what went on!

Last night I observed the dismantling of a professional hockey team!

Through injury, being out played by a superior opponent and Zebra MGMT!

Nick Kypreos could be/is the stupidest ex pro on TV. He is not only a Neanderthal , he thinks he's a fence sitting politician, speaking on behalf of the Front Office. Him and Pierre, what a way to lose the coverage at the Olympics! Monday morning (before the fall) he and Bob McCown are congratuating each other on how they turned the Leafs around and were going to make the Play Offs...Nico was serious...I think the man suffers "Delusions of Grandeur!"

And for all you Don Chery types...wake's 2010 not 1967... when you can hit a guy through his shoulder from the blind side hard enough to seriously wrench his shoulder, jar his head, knock his hat off and give him a standing concussion...that's a "Head Shot!"

And this "Head Down" bullsh&t, the man is in a puck fight in the corner with another player and this big "tough" guy hammers him from the blind side!

By the way...Nico, before you tell me I'm are wrong, man, "Dead" wrong!

I don't think anyone has ever had over forty shots on goal in an NHL hockey game and lost 8-2.

We have had a way too much big money in the Infirmary for the whole first half of the season...#17; #24, #19, #27, #25, and now the's usually a sign you are too old and beat up!

Sens hockey is getting very tough to watch!

Note: It must be weird for the big kids coming out of Junior... "Wow!"...Head Shots I can half kill someone and "get away with it!"...and...the Canadian players good enough to play Internationally thinking "I better put the "High Hits" (the Head Shots) in the closet till after the Tournament!


  1. I recall hearing Ferraro and Keith Jones on TSN saying this lack of respect for opponents is bred through Peewee, Bantam and up. "Finish your checks", without the required further instruciton of why, when, and especially how. Canucknik, I'm sure you'll agree that using body contact to separate a man from the puck is an underappreciated and difficult set of skills that players have to learn. It just a shame that many players make it to the top without having learned them properly.

  2. To Anonymous:

    I go back to the late 60's and early 70's where a lot of guys still didn't wear headgear, I had a prototype Riddell football suspention "Concussion" helmet, so no one intentionally hit high...there was the odd one and he was delt with..."Big Time!"

    But the (low) hip check was in vogue, and you could literally take a man's knees took a few years and some bad injuries but we got it out of the game!