Monday, December 21, 2009


We get a full house and we throw that at 'em...

Two evenly matched teams battle for two periods even but we commit three grievious infractions and the Big Bad Bruins play a perfect game according to these two Zebras! Man that's getting hard to watch.

Our Big Money can't score!

The pressure on your goalie when ya can't score is unbelievable.

We need St-Pascal for a status change!

Every other team in the League is allowed to interfere on the "Here they come!" rush except Chris Phillips and they call him every time!

Cheech didn't hold up his end on the big line tonight!

The "Pup" cannot take any more shifts in play three pretty reasonable shifts then a turn over...or a complete missed assignment...Note: #65 does not retreat to the front of his own net very well leaves Kuba alone on the island all the time!

Pic missed one tonight, if you are going to stay up and play high, you have to realize the danger and do something while you are there...

People don't realize how effective Chara is...he cowed not one but both our so called scoring forward lines tonight...

Note: To this point I don't see anyone in the East that when we have our full team that we can't stay with in a fair fight (Fair Refereeing). Sooner or later we shall learn the value of the Power Play and take advantage...

Note II: Often when you commit an uncalled infraction...wipe a guy out and trap three forwards you go down to the other end and score!

Note III: Penalties assessed to Boston, vs Toronto 6 all roughing and tripping; vs Chicago 2 but the Hawks only had one; vs Philly 5...this is a very tough bunch...they come to Ottawa what gives?


  1. Thomas has another lucky game against the Sens, who fail to convert on several good chances while continuing their trend of firing too many pucks wide and/or high. And this time the defense was unable to back up this underachieving offence, making a few bonehead plays late in the game.

    The refs continue their trend of handing Ottawa opponents perfect or near perfect games, while turning a blind eye to many obstructions and even a few slashes etc. Bloody hell. Getting very hard to watch. Even the politically correct announcers are flabbergasted. Let's look at the stats for perfect games... who for and whom against?

    Five regulars still out!

    Chara is a beast! He eats small children and their bicycles. Crankner should have taken him out in the third.

    Not much more to say. Frustrating to watch. I feel bad for the fans that paid to see that. They better play better when I'm in town next week (I think I've got tickets to the Islanders)...

  2. Oman:

    Attendance...couple games ago, late in the afternoon and on a whim I go into the Sen's Store for a single ticket ($115.00) computer mal-function, I don't go! Wonder how much that cost the bottom line that day!

    Post Season, big finish still possible!!