Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wilson Street...a tough sell!

3 Wins in 4 games, two shut outs, including shutting down the first place Buffalo Sabres in a crutial 4 pointer (game 1 without Jason) and Wilson Street give him the second star?? Boys, this is not Toronto you committed a bad hockey "Faux Pas!"

SENS needing a goal from a DEFENCEMAN "big time" and not only does Pic get the winner but should have got a helper for the second goal...he is the only D-man we have who will go all the way to the net! Wilson Street starts talking fluke...could not even give him an honourable mention...if you hadn't noticed our big money was stymied at the time. Nice game Alex!

Winnie was just OK...timing is everything!

Leave Campy on the 4th line, he is interesting to watch and pretty effective.

Ryan Shannon..."Fear strikes out!"

To Hugo's Pup, you're wearing out old Kuba, but both you guys were good tonight.

I liked Ruutu's game tonight...Alf embellished one but friggin' Roy draws one every game so at least tonight they evened out!

Kelly out worked everyone and deserved to score that goal he was the only one to deke Miller all game.


  1. I actually had a good feeling about this game, with all the young guys eager to make an impression on the coach, hustling hard and following the game plan. I was even looking forward to watching Camps on the wing. It seems to me that quick, offensive D man could make this sort of transition more often. They aren't going to be defensive liabilities and they have a hunger for goals and play-making. Regin and also showed up with a few good chances and Shannon should have had a couple. Winnie was good, though had a couple brain farts and/or seemed to lack a bit of chemistry with Alf and Mich. The top two stars though, without a doubt, were Elliot for the shut out and Picard for his role in both goals. Fisher maybe gets third for his insurance goal.

  2. Oman:

    Truer words have never been spoken!!

  3. Oman, fear is a great motivator. Lke in any team game, when you think someone else will do it, you let them, when you think no one else will do it, you do it yourself. Tonight was a roster fo guys listening to their coach, sticking to the system, and "doing it themselves".
    Tonight, IMO, was a "team" star game.

  4. GN:

    Never been a "team" star but I like the idea!

    CiCi deserves some credit for sticking with #18 as he was under some duress from above and below to break out Kelly for the job. Alf, after killing a few penalties with Jesse says to CiCi "Gimme the kid!"