Sunday, December 27, 2009

It wasn't meant to be this way!!

The teams that win the shoot outs are going to make the play offs the teams that don't aren't.

This is not news but I cannot get over how painfully obvious it now is to every one, even the League types. At least before they had plausible denial.

Alex Kovalev is well on his way to earning us a play off spot with shoot out goals...for an old Sens' fan this is pure gold!

It's never a bad play to shoot the puck on the net, it may not be the best play but it's never a bad one! Harry Neale and I are the same era! Just keep on keeping on...sooner or later you keep out shooting your opponent, you are going to beat him!

Once played on a team that had of the best teams I ever played on!

St-Pascal is the first guy we have had for a while, where the other guys look at our net and say: "We could be in for a very long night!"

Important two points...Jason and Alf or no Jason and Alf, I don't remember everything being so life and death at the 40 game mark...and it truly is!

Finally, the $64,000.00 Question (and for you guys that mess that up every time that was the correct title/amount of the show)? What do we do with Erik "Special K" Karlsson? Bingo for another 12 games if he will go? Note: If I were him and had my drothers I wouldn't go either.

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