Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Halak is better than Price.

How do you lose to a team that has 2 goalies and nothing else?

Our Power Play is the only one in the league that does not shoot from the center of the ice on the point shot! Oh for 7!

Stop shooting wide...we are not gifted enough to tip them so we might as well put it on the net...#17.

Philippé is not as gifted offencively as we think...

Phillips is burnt mentally...he is playing too much. We are too fragile...can't seem to come back from any bad break!

45 shots and the same number of scoring chances as Montreal...what gives?

CiCi...8th Too many Men is too many! (your "Honda Racing" mind!)

Volchy likes that shooter too much he can't give him up to the goalie even when it's the correct play!

Believe it or not we need a goal from a DEFENCEMAN!

Elliott was fine...but ya need a French Canadien goal tender to beat the Habs...it psychs them out!

I think we are a coach short...we need a special teams "Specialist"


  1. Agree with everything you say...

    Kuba's offensive awareness is grossly overrated.

    Kovalev and Spezza aren't doing enough. When Chris Kelly is close behind you in scoring, the story writes itself.

    The Sens lack of offense from the back end is a product of BM's hubris that "the Pup" would more than adequately fill that role. Forgetting that he is ONLY EIGHTEEN.

    The sad state of our Powerplay makes me a sad panda.

  2. To the Dutch Treat:

    Special Teams it always comes down to Special Teams.

  3. Yes Kovy and Spezza were counter productive on most of their shifts: soft on the puck, turning it over in danger zones, and showing a disturbing lack of chemistry.

    It could be that the Spezza/Kovalev experiment is over. These guys need the grinders and diggers on their lines (Mich, Alf, Fish).

    As much as I like the idea of a Mich/Fish/Alf line:


    I also think that Cheech is making pretty good case for getting another shot in the top six when Neil/Dono are back.

    Until then, counting down the days till Pascal's return...

  4. Also, Alf was a Monster last night. 2 posts late in the third. Nuff said.

  5. Oman:

    10 days to Pascal!

    Picard could change our luck...he won't hurt!

    #19 & #27 are so bad I'd leave 'em together and give them a fresh grinder every shift...#71; #41; #26; #18;

    If it weren't for Alf I would have turned them off!

    Cheers Nik!

  6. Looks like I called it: http://www.ottawasun.com/sports/hockey/2009/12/10/12108581.html

  7. Oman:

    Good call!

    Now...make your line mate look good!